A Birmingham native, Madison Thames graduated from Auburn University in May of 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, having concentrated in painting. Now she has moved back to her hometown and planted the roots of her career locally, producing a wide variety of commissions for clients and attending comic conventions as a vendor. She works both traditionally and digitally, creating oil paintings, graphite
and charcoal drawings, and Photoshop illustrations.  

     Throughout her life, Madison has been profoundly influenced by The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars films, as well as The Legend of Zelda, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age game series. The memorable characters and thrilling narratives crafted by companies like Lucasfilm, Marvel, and Bioware continue to inspire her.

     Many of Madison’s digital pieces draw heavily upon elements of the fantasy genre, incorporating themes of magic and wonder, mythical creatures, and epic struggles between flawed heroes, their antagonists, and supernatural forces.