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When a gang of bank robbers hides out at her family’s ranch to evade the law, Dinah Hance watches in horror as notorious outlaw Sal Valentin kills her father in cold blood—the same villain who killed her best friend years ago. Dinah vows revenge for the murders and insists on joining the posse pursuing the gang. Fiery and strong-willed, she’s quick to shoot and slow to forgive, but her growing feelings for a member of Sal’s gang complicate her quest for vengeance.


Joseph Gray has been with Sal since he was a boy, looking to him as a father figure after the War of Secession robbed him of his parents. But Sal’s lack of conscience and escalating brutality bring Joseph’s loyalty into question. Torn between the gang and his newfound attachment to Dinah, he’s forced to make a choice when Sal threatens her life.

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