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Gone Outlaw

Sunset Legends #1

Dinah Hance can’t forget the day her best friend was murdered. All she wants is for the nightmares to go away. But when infamous outlaw Sal Valentin returns ten years later and kills her father in cold blood, moving on becomes impossible.


Devastated and desperate to be free of her haunted past, Dinah knows she can’t rest until she gets her revenge. She insists on joining the posse pursuing the Valentin Gang and leaves behind the only home she’s ever known. Determined not to be a burden, she makes every effort to show her mettle, but being a young unmarried woman traveling with eight men proves lonely and daunting. 


When a reckless chase separates her from the posse, Dinah falls headlong into mortal danger, and gang member Joseph Gray saves her life. Seeing the good in him complicates her feelings, and Joseph finds himself torn between the gang that is his family and his attraction to Dinah. Now in the fight of their lives, strained loyalties and a dark secret will put Joseph’s courage and Dinah’s faith to the ultimate test. Can love cover a multitude of sins?

"Gone Outlaw is an incredible journey that had me captivated from the very beginning."

 Rob Wiethoff, Red Dead Redemption actor

"A gripping story with a deft and evocative narrative style authentically inhabiting the American frontier. A real pleasure to read, the pages fly by as danger and romance interweave the fates of two believable protagonists from opposite sides of the law... An exciting debut."

 Warren Fahy, New York Times bestselling author of Fragment

"There is lots of action in this one to satisfy the reader who likes shoot 'em ups and enough tender moments to satisfy the romance lover. There is also the element of faith. The characters are well portrayed, the writing good... I recommend it."

 Regan Walker, award-winning author of romantic historical fiction

"Madison Thames was born to write. Her characters live large on the page and the imagination."

 Adam Bray, author of Star Wars and Marvel books for DK

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