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Sunset Legends

Finding Faith, Love, and Adventure on the Western Frontier

Gone Outlaw

Sunset Legends #1

Gone Outlaw book cover. Cowboy and cowgirl standing back to back holding guns.

Dinah Hance can’t forget the day her best friend was murdered. All she wants is for the nightmares to go away. But when infamous outlaw Sal Valentin returns ten years later and kills her father in cold blood, moving on becomes impossible.


Devastated and desperate to be free of her haunted past, Dinah knows she can’t rest until she gets her revenge. She insists on joining the posse pursuing the Valentin Gang and leaves behind the only home she’s ever known. Determined not to be a burden, she makes every effort to show her mettle, but being a young unmarried woman traveling with eight men proves lonely and daunting. 


When a reckless chase separates her from the posse, Dinah falls headlong into mortal danger, and gang member Joseph Gray saves her life. Seeing the good in him complicates her feelings, and Joseph finds himself torn between the gang that is his family and his attraction to Dinah. Now in the fight of their lives, strained loyalties and a dark secret will put Joseph’s courage and Dinah’s faith to the ultimate test. Can love cover a multitude of sins?

Cimarron Dove

Sunset Legends #2

CimarronDoveCoverFinal copy.jpg

When Mollie had nothing, Hiram Roth gave her everything she thought she wanted—a life of comfort and luxury as the madam of his private brothel in Cimarron, New Mexico. But when she fell for a dark and handsome young outlaw, Hiram’s treatment of her turned cruel. The outlaw moved on, and Hiram forbade her from ever leaving the Roth House. Now, after languishing for twelve years in a gilded cage, Mollie is done being a prisoner. She plots a desperate escape, determined to do whatever it takes to break free.

For the first time in his life, Marcus Crane is making an honest living. But when he stumbles upon a band of Indians butchered by US cavalrymen, he steps in to rescue the only survivor—a little girl left at the soldiers’ mercy. Knowing he can allow no witnesses to report his crime, he kills them all to save the child and takes her under his wing. With the soldiers’ blood on his hands, Marcus is forced to cut and run. But his plans to ditch the girl at an orphanage and disappear are turned upside down when his journey brings him face-to-face with the only woman he’s ever loved—Mollie Luther.

Angered to hear of the abuse she has suffered at the hands of Hiram Roth, Marcus blames himself for deserting her all those years ago. With Hiram offering a rich reward for Mollie’s return, Marcus knows that every manhunter in the country will be on the lookout for her, but he will risk everything—even his own life—to win her freedom. Can he outwit and outgun the men hunting them, or will he lose Mollie forever?

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