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"An exciting debut."

Warren Fahy, New York Times bestselling author of Fragment and lead writer on Rockstar Games' Red Dead Revolver, has high praise for Gone Outlaw.

"What a delight your novel was to read!" he says.

"As you might imagine, I'm asked to read a lot of manuscripts and books, but rarely am I so pleased by the maturity of descriptive skill and the surety of characterization and storytelling. The dialogue is unfailingly authentic, as well. I know what kind of labor and love is involved in making a novel feel effortless and real while depicting characters who feel grounded and genuine and telling a compelling story. Gone Outlaw shows a true and promising hand at marshaling all of these skills."

"Madison Thames' debut novel shows a fresh talent for revealing real characters while telling a gripping story with a deft and evocative narrative style authentically inhabiting the American frontier," he writes. "A real pleasure to read, the pages fly by as danger and romance interweave the fates of two believable protagonists from opposite sides of the law as their worlds collide around them. An exciting debut."

Learn more about Warren and his novels here.


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